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The Birth of Soul Station.

Soul Station originally started off as one Lyricist and one Beatboxer which grew to be a dominant force in the urban hip hop arena in New Zealand. Founded inside an old railway station in Auckland city the two man crew grew to be seven and the beatboxer became New Zealands beatboxing champion. Though becoming popular the rivalry within the crew proved the groups eventual downfall causing the group to disintergrate. Finding there own paths in music which led Del to keep the Soul Station name and reinvent it but in the process create songs until the band was formed.


The Band Soul Station.

The band became a favorite among Auckland fans, as it had many catchy songs paired with amazing instrumental melodies. Del along with the help of four others. (Antonia, Nick, Simon and Dave) re created SOUL STATION music with a mix of NZ and Polynesian Soul..

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Dark Haze & Alphamale.

As DEL left NZ for Ireland to start a new life with his Irish wife. He eventually met up with an explosive rapper named Kevin Flynn who had already created ripples in the hiphop community as the super slick rapper DARK HAZE. While eventually combining DELS Soul shaking choruses with DARK HAZES relentless lyrics offered an emmersion between two diverse artists from two different worlds eventually landing performances at Irelands biggest festival Electric Picnic.

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Alphamale the Artist.

Del continues to make truly inspirational and powerful music and riveting unique performances to this day. Combining all his Talent to push the limits of inspiration to unlock the Ultimate Ballad of the Soul.

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