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A Musical Journey.

Throughout the course of his musical career, DEL HUNT has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles.

DEL HUNT is a lyricist on the rise as an acclaimed and talented contemporary Artist. Over the years, he has produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings with many artists that are synonymous with a signature sound. DEL HUNT has recorded a wonderful collection of songs that are a testament to the depth and diversity of his creativity and hard work.


Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, DEL HUNT grew up in Araraiti bay, Whananaki on the East Coast of the North Island. Eventually moving to Papakura in South Auckland and became an accomplished painter and artist at the age of 13. All the while writing music which eventually evolving from a hobby became a real passion. As his music writing progressed he began to move into the hip hop scene performing much of his original music to finally collaborating with many artists from all over the country. Travelling and recording music as far away as Germany. Creating a unique signature in much of his music over the course of his career. 


With years of experience to diversify into many genres and express a resonance of soulful music to uplift, strengthen and condition the human mind, soul and spirit under the pseudonym of Alphamale.






                     YOU AINT GOING THAT WAY...

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